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Mobius Life

A specialist investment management company, committed to providing innovative bespoke solutions to advisers.

Introducing Mobius Life Limited

Following the management buy-out in January 2014 of Investment Solutions Limited, supported by Souter Investments, we are pleased to announce our rebrand and change of ownership as Mobius Life Limited.

Both the name and logo of Mobius Life Limited have been inspired by the Mobius strip – a simple yet extraordinary continuous one-sided form, typically compared to the infinity symbol. A new name, but not a new start, that represents our straightforward way of thinking and the wide ranging solutions available to our clients.

About Us

Established in 1996, Mobius Life started out as Liberty International Pensions, then Schroder Pensions in 2000, before becoming Investment Solutions from 2003 to January 2014. In February 2014 the group became independent.

Mobius Life is a UK life insurance company authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. We operate an institutional investment platform specifically configured to meet the needs of advisers to defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes. By providing modular services, we create bespoke services for each scheme adviser, enabling them to best implement their ideas for their clients' specific needs. In the United Kingdom, Mobius has evolved to provide a range of services to advisers with a key focus on institutional solutions.

Platform Provision

Mobius provides a market leading implementation solution enabling scheme advisers to provide their investment advice in a proactive and timely solution tailored for their pension schemes. We manage dealing, pricing, transition management and reporting on behalf of advisers. As a life company, we operate a clean, efficient investment platform supported by a sophisticated, robust administration system. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to investment administration, delivering efficiency and managing costs. 

Value Added Solutions

We have developed a suite of value added services to meet the needs of advisers and trustees. These include the implementation of de-risking triggers, the creation of bespoke growth and protection funds for defined benefit schemes, lifecycle default funds for defined contribution schemes, and the creation and provision of 'freestyle options' on our platform.

Fund Manager Outsourcing

Our proven skill in fund manager selection and fund construction is underpinned by detailed manager research and governance. This enables us to assist advisers in implementing their pension strategies and drives the creation and maintenance of our investment fund range.

With significant experience in developing investment solutions in both the Wealth Management and Pensions Market, we are well placed to support our clients.

Critical to all the work we do with our clients is our ability to take delegated responsibilities across the full range of services that we provide. In a highly regulated and ever more complex environment, the key to our success is our focus on strong investment governance.

Market Insight

With a dedicated in-house investment team, we constantly review the markets and fund managers to shape our investment decisions.

We produce a range of publications - from regular updates on financial markets, to more in-depth analyses on topics or themes of specific interest.

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Fund Range

Mobius has developed a unique range of funds designed to meet the needs of individual clients across a diverse range of client types.

These funds access carefully researched leading external investment managers, which are selected and combined using a detailed and defined investment process.

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find out more about Mobius, download a copy of our new corporate brochure.

Mobius Life Corporate Brochure

(Brochure current for 2014)

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