Are you time wasting by not using the right tools for the job?

01 July 2020

Craig Brown Institutional Distribution Director


Craig Brown
Institutional Distribution Director

Craig Brown discusses the advantages of using the Mobius Life platform for large DB transfers.

During lock-down many of us have turned our hands to more DIY than usual and I have found to my cost that using the right tools for the job makes life a lot easier.

A consultant called me recently with a stark example of why an investment platform is the right tool for implementation. He cited two clients seeking to withdraw monies to pay transfers out. Both schemes had a handful of fund managers. One of the schemes was on the Mobius platform whereas the other was invested directly with the managers.

The cash amounts required to pay these transfers were significant enough that it made sense for the withdrawals to be made to bring the portfolio inline with the benchmark asset allocation.

With the directly–managed scheme the consultant needed to contact all the managers for prices to calculate the manager allocations and then calculate the quantum of each withdrawal. They then need to complete the withdrawal paperwork, instruct all the managers, collate all the receipts and calculate the new asset allocations following the withdrawals.

This ‘low value’ task took the consultant several days to complete and left them exposed to execution risk. As a result they racked up significant time cost. What’s more, this was seen of as having little added-value to the client.

In comparison, the other scheme was managed on the Mobius Life platform. Here the consultant simply sent us one authorised instruction, which we then implemented and then reported back to them via a transaction statement and valuation. Simple, safe, cost effective and efficient.

The same is true for schemes which change strategy or transition from one fund manager to another. Work which can take a consultant days off-platform is easily completed in ‘real time’ by using Mobius Life.

So rather than trying to deliver DIY investment administration with a limited tool-kit, prudent schemes and consultants are using Mobius Life to deliver professional platform-based investment administration.


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