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We offer an open architecture range of funds, spanning over 700 strategies from more than 75 asset managers, which is constantly evolving.

Open architecture solutions

We offer a diverse range of funds to enable you to easily access and tailor your investment strategies to deliver your investment objectives.

We take a proactive approach to engagement with trustees, advisers and the asset management community, to ensure that our fund range evolves with the needs of our clients.

Due to our independence, we are truly a non-conflicted, whole of market provider.

“We migrated the Evolve’s Crystal to the Mobius Life platform in 2016 and from that excellent onboarding we have not looked back. The team at Mobius have supported all of the innovations we have wanted to bring to market.”

Paul Bannister, Chief Executive Officer – Evolve

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David Porter explains how pension schemes invested in pooled funds can vote their shares at company meetings to support their ESG and stewardship approaches as set out in their Statements of Investment Principles.

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Making real assets accessible to all pension schemes
Craig Brown explains how real assets, such as infrastructure or real estate can be made available to pension schemes of all sizes on the Mobius Life platform - offering them reliable cashflows, effective diversification and long-term income streams.

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Reducing implementation risk for pension consultants
Craig Brown discusses how the Mobius Life platform can reduce implementation risk for pension consultants undertaking transactions for their clients.

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