Future-proofing your investments

Our scale means we can drive innovation in a cost-effective way and ensure that your investments remain future-proofed.

A comprehen­sive set of solutions

We offer access to over 800 funds across more than 80 asset managers, many of which are bespoke fund solutions created for individual clients.

We cater for a wide spectrum of requirements, from vanilla through to sophisticated solutions. We invest as principal which allows us to aggregate assets and benefit from economies of scale. This structure removes hurdles to investing such as minimum investment criteria or high governance requirements.

“Mobius Life’s scale means that we benefit from far lower fund management charges than would be available off-platform.”

John Nestor, Professional Trustee – Capital Cranfield

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Latest news

LDI on platforms – does one size fit all?
There are still a huge number of UK schemes using LDI as an integral part of their investment strategies as DB schemes mature. We currently host over 100 LDI funds on the platform across 5 LDI managers and do not restrict schemes to a narrow portfolio of LDI funds or only to in-house funds.

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Mobius Life wins Professional Pensions Institutional Investment Platform Provider of the Year award for fifth successive year.
We are delighted to have won the Professional Pensions Institutional Investment Platform of the Year Award at the UK Pensions Awards 2023. This is an unprecedented fifth year in succession that Mobius has won the award.

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Collateral waterfalls for LDI
Mobius Life has introduced automated LDI collateral waterfalls, where our clients nominate in advance which funds will be used to meet future calls and in which order. This means we can automatically use the agreed fund to meet calls without the delay of awaiting instructions.

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