Making your vision possible

We believe in building long-term relationships and focus on making your vision possible both now and in the future.

Who we help

No matter where you are on your investment journey, you will benefit from our flexible investment platform with the ability to create bespoke solutions designed to meet your unique requirements.

We take the time to understand your strategy, harnessing our expertise and leveraging our strong relationships with the asset manager community to build bespoke solutions tailored to supporting you.

The trust our clients have placed in us has led to our assets under management growing by over 500% since 2014.

Institutional pension schemes

For pension schemes, irrespective of size, our platform enables you to develop scheme specific solutions, access aggregated pricing and build in efficiencies, therefore increasing the value for money to members.

Pension scheme

For consultants and advisers, our investment platform allows you to focus on investment advice rather than implementation issues.

Master trusts and consolidators

For master trusts and consolidators, our infrastructure allows asset aggregation across pension schemes and employers. Our leadership in innovation supports you to create bespoke solutions and build competitive advantage.


For independent trustees, we deliver you an investment platform to consolidate your assets and access a broad range of funds in a highly governed structure, whilst supporting the governance burden for the pension scheme.

Asset managers

For asset managers, our life company licence allows you to create tax-efficient life-wrapped funds with a short lead-time to market, making your funds attractive to UK pension schemes, in addition to resolving the ‘small client’ problem.

Life insurance companies

For life insurance companies, our investment administration services reduce your operational overheads.
“Working with Mobius Life means we can fully focus on providing our clients with the best investment and strategic advice, confident that it will be executed accurately and promptly. What we also love about Mobius is their willingness to innovate and be open to giving access to funds and ideas that can really benefit our clients.”
Sam Roberts, Director of Investment Consulting – Cartwright

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Making real assets accessible to all pension schemes
Craig Brown explains how real assets, such as infrastructure or real estate can be made available to pension schemes of all sizes on the Mobius Life platform - offering them reliable cashflows, effective diversification and long-term income streams.

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Reducing implementation risk for pension consultants
Craig Brown discusses how the Mobius Life platform can reduce implementation risk for pension consultants undertaking transactions for their clients.

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